Covid  19 times

Covid 19 times

It’s been a terrible time for the country and the young people in our locality. We remain open for key children staff although we have been told we are the only setting to do so in redruth. We have had new children join us and we continue to support our front line workers throughout this trying time. It’s so lovely to get some nice reviews from these parents and show that it means so much. I can’t thank Lowen Harts enough. My little girl’s nursery closed when we shut down. My husband is a paramedic and I’m a midwife, so both frontline NHS key workers. My little boy automatically got a childcare placement with his school which was great but the early years children were completely forgotten about. How can we keep going to work during this crisis when nurseries have closed?? I assumed (stupidly) that the council would surely be compiling/arranging a list of nurseries who will be staying open and how to pull together to facilitate that key workers’s young children would have somewhere to go. So that didn’t happen!! I spent the days emailing all the local nurseries to see who was open. Most of them didn’t know what was going on, they were just as confused as me. Katie at Lowen Harts was superb. She understood my anxiety. I felt terrible having to swap nurseries when she was so settled at her normal one. I was very conscious that my little girl wouldn’t be having any settling in sessions. She invited me up to complete some paperwork and to meet Molly. The transition has been so easy and far less stressful than I imagined. We are always greeted with smiling faces and Molly loves it, especially the chickens!! I can’t thank them enough for taking us on so quickly and working around out weird shift patterns. Thank you a thousands times! Thanks so much

Posted on Wed 29th Apr 2020