Our Nursery


Baby Room

Babies are so special and are born with a hungry curiosity for the world around them. From their earliest beginnings they take in the world around them through cuddles, babbles, vision, sound and touch. Our safe and secure Babies Room has everything our tiniest friends need to explore and enjoy learning about their little selves and the world around them. This warm cosy room has everything from plush soft blankets that build security to a plethora of toys that inspire creativity. Babies learn about cause and effect here, by getting messy through play. Feeling, touching and experiencing new sensations is very exciting for our tiny friends, and we enjoy singing and making music to practise using our beautiful voices!

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Toddler Room

Big leaps are happening every day for toddlers. Language and speech are developing quickly and so is the discovery of their bodies and what they are capable of doing. In addition,a flurry of new feelings and emotions are blossoming to the surface in the form of assertiveness, independence and self identity.   Here in our toddlers room at Lowen Harts nursery, we have created spaces that assist with all areas of development. Children are encouraged to build new relationships with others and love interacting and sharing. Our supportive team promote discovery, positive self identity, role play and enjoying and achieving. Our friends love being encouraged by educators to do things for themselves, from learning about self care and hygiene to identifying colours, letters and objects, we are continuously looking for innovative ways to inspire and engage. Our newly refurbished room has direct access to the gardens where toddlers love to go exploring. On rainy days we can learn about new technology or get messy making art. 

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Sensory Room

The Sensory room was designed to give our children a comfortable place to dream, feel and wonder at different objects, textures and sights. It’s a relaxing, calming room that immerses them in lights, feelings and sound. Within these safe and calm surroundings, a sensory room provides children with an unrestrained, non-threatening space to explore at their own leisure. Sensory rooms have been proven to provide comfort, calm and focus for little minds to absorb. The bubble tubes, lights and textured walls cheer, inspire and sometimes just provide a welcome distraction. 

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Pre School

Between the ages of 3 and 5 our little ones are starting to enjoy a more complex range of activities. They are taking an interest in problem solving, enjoying structured play and are starting to build strong relationships with others. This is the perfect time for pre school. As we get ready to welcome children into their school years we know that as the final step between nursery and school we have an important responsibility to prepare them with the essential skills and knowledge they will need to make this transition a smooth one. Our experienced pre school educators work alongside local teachers in the Redruth area, focusing on the traditional educational methods that are adopted by schools. We develop personalised plans for every child to ensure appropriate delivery alongside those of other local pre-school providers. If you are considering your child’s future with regard to Pre-school provision, why not come along for an informal chat with Katie or Craig about our exciting Pre school opportunities whilst spaces are still available.

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Adventure Garden

Welcome to the bug Hotel, where little ones can safely study and observe the insect guests at close quarters. The much loved mud kitchen offers our budding chefs the opportunity for sensory play where they can develop their fine motor skills and enjoy role play. Moving on to the digging area and the obstacle course, where children can play and interact to their hearts content, developing essential exploratory and coordination skills.

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Toy Garden

Our toy garden features a miniature road, which is very popular with the children! They love to ride up, down and around it and we have a large selection of toy vehicles from which to choose. If your child enjoys water play they will absolutely love playing with the boats along the guttering.  We have a large sand pit for even more sensory and imaginative play.  Our little friends will also enjoy the decking area where they can play, sing, dance and interact with their friends.

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Sheltered Garden

Our sheltered garden has been designed as an outdoor space that the children can enjoy, whatever the weather. This area comes in handy with the unpredictable Cornish weather as it still lets children enjoy that all-important outdoor time It is a safe and protected area, where little ones can play with a variety of resources including chalkboards, music board, a range of educational toys and even a garden, where the children can get their hands dirty, as we all know little ones love to do! The astro turf surface ensures the children can enjoy the fresh air in any conditions.

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Studies have shown that there are a huge amount of benefits to teaching a child how to love and care for an animal. Additionally, pets offer children lessons in empathy, responsibility, life cycles and compassion. At Lowen Harts nursery school the children love our animal family. Benny our small and cuddly nursery dog has such a placid and gentle nature, he encourages the children to be kind and teaches them respect for living things, supervised pats and cuddles are a favourite. Our family of fish fascinate our little friends, and teach them that living creatures can survive in different environments.  It encourages learning and questioning about how the fish are able to breathe, do they drink? How do they eat?, etc. Our clutch of chickens, cause great amusement among the children! They find their mannerisms, sounds and interaction hilarious. Also it teaches them about where their food comes from and more about sustainable living and the environment.  

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