Pre School

Pre School

Between the ages of 3 and 5 our little ones are starting to enjoy a more complex range of activities. They are taking an interest in problem solving, enjoying structured play and are starting to build strong relationships with others. This is the perfect time for pre school.

As we get ready to welcome children into their school years we know that as the final step between nursery and school we have an important responsibility to prepare them with the essential skills and knowledge they will need to make this transition a smooth one.

Our experienced pre school educators work alongside local teachers in the Redruth area, focusing on the traditional educational methods that are adopted by schools. We develop personalised plans for every child to ensure appropriate delivery alongside those of other local pre-school providers.
If you are considering your child’s future with regard to Pre-school provision, why not come along for an informal chat with Katie or Craig about our exciting Pre school opportunities whilst spaces are still available.

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