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Nat Carvelly (Corona virus)

Lowen Harts is amazing!

The staff have been so supportive during this lock down. In these worrying times when myself and my husband have had to continue to work as key workers we know that our children are in great hands.

The nursery is exceptionally clean, the staff are always happy and welcoming and most of all, the kids are having a great time.

Even on the days when the nursery is closed the staff are still at the end of the phone and keeping all parents updated. They have gone the extra mile to keep in touch with all of the families and include them in all of the virtual activities.

My children have loved the online activities, live crafts, sing a long classes and seeing their key workers on the screen.

Thank you Lowen Harts for making this easier for us parents and keeping a smile on our children's faces.

Emma Hoon (corona virus)

I can’t thank Lowen Harts enough. My little girl’s nursery closed when we shut down. My husband is a paramedic and I’m a midwife, so both frontline NHS key workers. My little boy automatically got a childcare placement with his school which was great but the early years children were completely forgotten about. How can we keep going to work during this crisis when nurseries have closed?? I assumed (stupidly) that the council would surely be compiling/arranging a list of nurseries who will be staying open and how to pull together to facilitate that key workers’s young children would have somewhere to go. So that didn’t happen!! I spent the days emailing all the local nurseries to see who was open. Most of them didn’t know what was going on, they were just as confused as me. Katie at Lowen Harts was superb. She understood my anxiety. I felt terrible having to swap nurseries when she was so settled at her normal one. I was very conscious that my little girl wouldn’t be having any settling in sessions. She invited me up to complete some paperwork and to meet Molly. The transition has been so easy and far less stressful than I imagined. We are always greeted with smiling faces and Molly loves it, especially the chickens!! I can’t thank them enough for taking us on so quickly and working around out weird shift patterns. Thank you a thousands times!

Emma Ferrel (corona virus )

I can't thank the staff at Lowenna Hart's enough! Unfortunately our nursery had to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic so we had to find another place for our daughter. The staff have been amazing at helping her settle in and she's come on leaps and bounds there with a great understanding of washing her hands now! As NHS workers both myself and my husband can't thank you enough for enabling us to keep working during this time! You guys are great xx

Alice Warman (corona virus )

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Katie and her team. As a teacher it is a huge relief to be able to rely on Lowenharts during the coronavirus lock down. I can continue to work in the knowledge that our boys are safe, healthy and happy. I've been particularly impressed with the extra care that's being taken to wash hands regularly, a habit they are now bringing home too! Thank you to all the team for continuing to work so that I can too.

Neil and Tanya (corona virus )

I would like to express my gratitude to Katie, Craig and all of the team at lowen harts nursery for their outstanding support for key workers during the COVID-19 situation. On a personal level Katie could not have been any more accommodating, at times, at short notice supporting me with hours to look after Jaxon. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the team, they are all so approachable. Seeing the staff when I drop off, they are working tirelessly to clean/disinfect and tidy the nursery environment to keep the children as safe as can be. Putting themselves at the frontline in order to help others , they are amazing The children always seem so happy, I Love to see that everyone is involved including Katie and Craig’s young daughter and the nursery dog! I’m so happy that Jaxon has been a part of lowen harts. Thank you to all at lowen harts you do a fantastic job, from Tanya-Jaxon angove’s mum.

Sarah 29 August 2019

I sent my son iestyn to Lowan Harts from 9 months to 4 yrs when he started at Treleigh School. (he is turning 7 in 5 days
I cant praise this place enough. iestyn had selective mutism, but the staff worked with him build his confidence.
he loved going there and was very close to the members of staff. varied activities, he practically loved playing outside and anything to do with maths.

my son is now excelling in school and I know that the nursery played a part in this.

Leanne 19th July 2019

I was dead against my daughter going to pre school at the beginning, and now I'm upset that she has to leave. It really is a top nursery and all the staff are so amazing. we didn't have to do anything as they sorted out all the funding for us. cannot praise this nursery enough.


We have placed both of our children at Lowen Harts and couldn’t recommend it more. The environment is friendly, creative and nurturing and the team are always working hard to develop and inprove the setting even further. The staff are always warm, welcoming and approachable. I will be sad for my son to leave when he starts achool in September but i know that he will be well prepared thanks to the fabulous foundations he has from Lowen Harts.

Matt n Emma

We cannot recommend Lowen Harts more highly!
Our eldest has progressed amazingly since being at the nursery and that is with thanks to Katie, Craig and all of the brilliant staff.
We love that we are kept informed of our sons activities throughout the day via the app and are provided with pictures to support this. We are immediately informed of any incidents and can view these straightaway on the app also.

The outside area is amazing and our son always tells us how much fun he has out there. The indoor activities are just as good and think that the messy play days and summer fayres are a brilliant idea. It gives the parents a real insight into what the children do on a daily basis and how the children and staff interact together.
We cannot wait to send our youngest here in a few weeks time!

Kate 19th July 2019

My daughter has absolutely loved her time at Lowen Harts (and will be returning during the holidays when I have to work).
They understood her from word go (when we looked around, she was moving the furniture!) and she has continued to blossom in the years she’s been there.
Would highly recommend this nursery and pre-school to any parent.
Thank you to everyone at Lowen Harts.

Michelle Barry

Our daughter has been attending Lowen Harts since she was 11 months old, she will be 3 in November. We highly recommend this nursery for your little ones, the staff are amazing with the children, I find they feedback personal details about your child daily so you feel they genuinely care and listen to them. The freedom to learn through play is very apparent in this nursery an that we find important in the early years. Whenever we have a slight problem, the staff listen and help work with us to overcome it. Our daughter is already turning into a well mannered independent little girl an we have all the staff at Lowen Harts to thank for all they do for her x


I can't say enough good things about this nursery to even emphasise how amazing it is!!! The staff are fantastic, welcoming and so professional. Their passion while looking after the children is outstanding. My eldest son felt like Lowen Harts was a second home. I can't wait for my 2nd child to begin his journey there and come out of his shell with leaps and bounds! Katie & Craig you should be SO proud of yourselves creating such a place! It is AMAZING!

Leanne 10th May 2019

My daughter has been at Lowen Harts for a couple of years now and she loves every second she is there. She learns so much and has developed so well across the years. The staff are amazing and are so focused on the children, it’s great to find a nursery who is so caring and compassionate towards family life and how hectic it can be. Also a great quality of the nursery is the animals they have there and the amazing outside area which allows children to be themselves and explore. Baby days is a great resource also it’s great to see what they are getting up to throughout the day. My daughter will unfortunately be leaving the nursery this year to progress onto school (the next adventure) and I honestly do not feel she would be so prepared and ready for school as she is if it wasn’t for the incredible team at Lowen Harts!

Sarah R 8th may 2019

brilliant nursery.........teachers are amazing......... would highly recommend..... my little girl loves going here...... very friendly all in all an amazing place for your child to learn and grow

Natalie C

My daughter has been at Lowen Hart’s for the last three years.
She absolutely loves it there. The staff know her and our family so well and will go out of their way to help us with anything that we need.
It is such a friendly, comfortable atmosphere and she is thriving there. I’m so glad that we chose this nursery setting!

Kay C 14 December 2018

What a fantastic nursery this is, my daughter attended Lowen harts since she was 8 months old, she stayed there until she started school at the age 5. She absolutely loved it there. The team are amazing, they cant do enough to help and always make the children feel welcome when coming in. My son who is now 1 has been there since 8 months and is loving it just like his big sister. I would highly recommend lowen harts. Very friendly staff

Rebecca B

Couldn’t find a better nursery, my son has been going there since he was 6 months old and absolutely loves it. The staff are great with him, and he has a great relationship with his key workers. He also has a dairy allergy, which is catered for and I have no worries about him eating there. Will be a sad day when it’s time for him to leave.

Karl & Kayla

"We hit it off right away with the owners, welcoming us into what felt like home. We were charmed with the napping nook/sensory room. We thought the areas for each age group, babies, toddlers and pre schoolers were set up brilliant. We loved the tiny tables and chairs, where they sit around and have a social lunch. But best of all we were completely drawn in with their outside space!!! The outside space is now better than ever. Our daughter is always telling us what fun she’s had with her friends and what activity’s they have got up to.
We like the fact they clean their teeth after meals. I like that if anything happens we get a call straight away and we have an online system to sign it off. Katie and Craig will do their very best to accommodate us in anyway they can. All the staff at Lowen harts are so welcoming, well trained and professional.
So thanks Lowen harts. We can’t wait for the next one to join your wonderful lot! "

Many thanks
Michaela Morris